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List Price: $479.99
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Product Details:
Product Length: 11.5 inches
Product Width: 18.0 inches
Product Height: 5.5 inches
Product Weight: 9.0 pounds
Package Length: 18.0 inches
Package Width: 11.5 inches
Package Height: 5.3 inches
Package Weight: 10.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5RF products ROCK!!!!!Dec 04, 2011
By Brett B
My son and i are huge ROCKFORD FOSGATE fans. He has a 94' Tahue and this is our 3rd upgrade in a little over a year and a half,90% bought thru Amazon and love shopping thru them. He has a top of the line Sony Deck unit to signal all the amps, but not before a power upgrade starting with a 300 amp altinator. THE BIG 3 WIRING UPGRADE w/ 0 gauge wire & distibution blocks to run 7 Amps. Thats right 7!!! But still need more power. will have Optima yellow Top battery 0 gauge to a 600amp CAPCELL Battery to a 10 Farad RF Battery that will run 2 RF Power T1000-1 amps. One amps will be running 3 RF P3 12"s wired to 1ohm in a custom built box made by us sitting on top of a sub box that holds 2 RF T1 15"s wired to 1ohm that the other amp will run. Now, here is where the RF P500-4 will help, 2 RF P500-4 to run 4 RF Power T16.5"s. One set compointant speakers in kicker panels and the set of RF Power T1 6.5"s in the doors. They will be bridged for max power.
We customized the stock center console in the truck to hold a set of RF Power T1 6.5" ran by a RF P200-2 which should scream Mids and tweeds. And in the dash is a set of RF Power T1 4" wich will be ran by RFs new PBR 300x4 amp and that amp will also run a set of RF Power T1 1" tweeters in the pillars. and thats all up front for mids and tweeds to help compinsate all the supper loud ass bass coming from the back.
Now for the Rear and some more mids and tweeds, 4 RF Power T1 6x9s installed on side panels by rear seats and the other located in the roof all way back by rear window. All powered by a RF Power T400-4. Should be crazy loud.
Also Have a RF 2 farad battey for the 2 P500-4 amps and a RF 1 farad battery for the T400-4 amp. Both sub boxes double as amp racks but need to utilize space under the rear seat for some equipment and thank god the PBR300x4 is nice and small to mount under the dash. All wiring and MOST connectors are RF. what a way to spend about $6000.oo lol A lot of time and research went into this build but was fun and my son will have on of the loudest system in AK, all amature built by us. And yes all interior has been removed and dynomatted for best sound qaulity.
Thank Rockford Fosgate for all you do and your amazing products. Rock on!


5A BEAST!!!May 18, 2014
By Rob Sjoholm
I can't say enough good things about this amp other that you better have some good speakers. My speakers unfortunately couldn't keep up with the output of this amp. I did pull the system out of my 2013 Ford Fusion and now will be using this amp along with a RF Punch 1000 on my new 14' Silverado, the only difference is I will be getting much better mids and highs.

5Rockford 500.4Apr 04, 2014
By Cory L Wilson
Unbelievable price!Cant find this amp any cheaper than this!a lot of power for mids and highs.clean and hard hitting at half gain dialed.

5You cant beat this amp for the moneyMar 09, 2014
By stephanie knowles
I hooked this amp to 4 5x8 infinity kappas . Each on there own channel at 2 ohms. It rocks actually its too much power for the speakers. Sound is great very clear.

4Underrated amp with unique treble eq knob capabilityOct 03, 2013
By Jazz Khanna "Jazz"
I'm using the P500-4 to power Morel components and rear coax speakers and am quite happy with the sound. The amp is underrated and actually delivers close to 100 watts into 4 channels at 4ohms. A very unique feature of the amp is the option to use the Rockford Fosgate Punch PEQ Equalization Remote as a treble eq when the crossover is set to high pass. When set to all pass, the knob boosts both bass and treble. It actually sounds really good. If yr deck is digital like mine is, and you have to thumb through multiple menus to set tone, then the convenience of having a treble knob is invaluable. I currently also have a Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt Class D 1 channel Amplifier so have a bass knob up front for that as well. Nice combo.

Now the cons: There is no rca pass through. I had the pass through outputs on a previous amp and found it very useful. Also, the layout of the inputs and spkr outputs and power, remote, ground is all on the same panel and is very cluttered. The crossover controls and setting buttons are very tiny. I have to use a small screwdriver bit to adjust any settings.

Overall, I like this amp. And I don't mind the lack of pass throughs, and cluttered layout with tiny controls in leiu of the treble knob. Try this amp with the optional eq knob, you'll like it. I definitely recommend it.

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